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At OnPay Solutions, our mission is to help businesses streamline payment processes, cut costs, earn rebates, and improve productivity by eliminating paper and removing arduous tasks.

But, more importantly, we exist to help employees in your AP department smile on their way to work because they feel more fulfilled. We exist to eliminate 12-hour workdays at the end of every month. We exist so your PR team can announce with pride, our finance department just went GREEN, by eliminating paper checks and invoices. We exist so your CFO or Controller can say with confidence, we are more protected against fraud than we have ever been. (And hopefully sleep a little easier at night). We exist to strengthen your vendor relationships, not strong-arm your vendors into using a payment method they don’t want to use. We exist to provide excellent customer service - every time. We exist to give you and your vendors a call back in 30 minutes or less. And we mean it – just ask our clients. We exist to give you MORE control over your funds than you have ever had, not less. We exist to never hold onto your money – we just want to help you send and receive funds more efficiently. We exist to help you hit your goals by turning your AP department into a revenue generator. We exist to partner with your finance department.

We aren’t just a software, we aren’t just a service, and we aren’t just a portal – we’re part of your team and we love what we do. Let’s work together!

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Payment Automation: The Benefits of Working with OnPay Solutions

 Operational Benefits

Mitigate Risk of Fraud  - reduce check fraud and other payment frauds by using a payment process that you control

Automate Payables Process – streamline activities, reduce lost invoices &/or payments and improve accuracy

Keep your Bank – we never dictate what account you use, work with as many banks and bank accounts as you require

Financial Benefits

Reduce Cost – reduce hard costs:  postage, check stock, MICR toner |  reduce soft cost:  FTE hours drops

Improved Cash Flow – generate cash-back rebates paid each month based on spend on virtual card payments

No Capital Expenditure – onboarding without a high price tag and long implementation project

Why OnPay Solutions?

A robust cloud portal

  • Available for you to make payments (currently processing Billions in B2B transactions)
  • Provides your receivers complete visibility to the payment data, downloadable reports  and credit-card processing
  • highest levels of data and web-security monitored 24-7

Supplier - Vendor enrollment

  • ACH-WIRE – organize your campaign, provide portal for suppliers /vendors to enroll and secure banking instructions
  • V-CARD – Mailing Campaign with Calling Campaign
  • We won’t harass your vendors to accept card payments

Payment execution

  • Work with any accounting or ERP system regardless of system limiations
  • V-Card, ACH and Wire payments connected directly to your card provider or Bank(s)
  • Checks printed and mailed from our secure off-site printing facility
  • Multiple P&Ls – Multiple Banks
  • Unparalleled support by OnPay Solutions team who maintain a 30-minute call or email back policy
    • Nearly 100% client satisfaction rating

We Serve Any Industry & Integrate With Any ERP

Checks Eliminated
Vendor Network
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Rebates Paid
Client Satisfaction 

Our Team

Neal Anderson

President & CEO

Neal joined OnPay Solutions in 2011 as the President and CEO.  He is a seasoned veteran in payments with more than 30 years of leadership experience in business-to-business payments. He is always happy to consult with CFOs and Controllers about their payments pain-points and frequently suggests solutions that influence real change (and profit) for the company.  

Julie Negrete-Anderson

Founder & COO

Julie founded OnPay Solutions in 2009 and serves as Chief Operating Officer. She is a creative and innovative leader with excellent communication and problem-solving abilities and in-depth experience in creating strategic, budgeting, operations and marketing plans. And, when asked, she is most proud of the 100% client satisfaction rating at OnPay Solutions.

Tim Crawford

Chief Revenue Officer

Tim joined OnPay Solutions in 2019 as Chief Revenue Officer. He is a seasoned leader of inside sales along with operations who is highly results-driven.  He has a stellar record of developing and managing start-up and existing B2B inside sales, customer care and fulfillment operations.

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