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Virtual Cards Earn You CASH Back Every Month With Rebates on AP Spend


  • Utilize the Virtual Card for seamless transactions in our easy to use OnPayConnect portal

  • Earn CASH on monthly rebates for every Virtual Card transaction 

  • Improve compliance and maintain cash flow integrity with the fastest growing form of electronic payment processing  in business today

  • Immediately gain access to our incredible Vendor network of more than 160,00 Vendors - many of them already accepting Virtual Cards 

We've already issued millions in rebates this year with virtual cards - contact us today to learn how

Less Time + Fewer Errors:

Four Reasons to Automate Accounts Payable 

Make payments quickly, securely, and at low cost...

all while earning cash rebates

Improve Payments Process

  • Less manual work allows your staff to be more productive
  • ePayments and Virtual Cards eliminate the need for check printing
  • Transactions take seconds, instead of hours, and save you 90%+ of your current costs

Enhance Vendor Relations

  • Provide downloadable remittance to allow quick invoice clearance
  • Give vendors a clear view of ePayment details reducing the number of incoming calls
  • Strengthen your existing Supplier and Vendor relationships

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

  • ePayments reduce fraud and provide stronger audit trails
  • Leverage bank-level security features for your data and transactions

Earn Additional Revenue

  • Automated Virtual Card payments PAY rebates
  • Earn on average 1% of total dollars spent over the card network

Cut Costs 90% or More

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Whip your AP and AR processes into shape. Fast.

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Invoice Automation Workflow

Cloud-based Solution

Works with any financial package: from home-grown systems to SAP or QuickBooks, and everything in between.


Quick and Easy Onboarding for You and Your Suppliers

Go live in under 30 days with minimal impact on finance and IT departments with full onboarding support.


ePayments and Virtual Cards

Streamline transactions for your vendors, reduce human errors, AND transform your department into a profit center by earning monthly rebates.

Our clients vouch for the benefits we provide


Every AP department is an untapped profit center

"We have enjoyed high security and streamlined processes for issuing checks for the past years and our city’s older accounting system is not capable of issuing another type of payment, but despite the system limitations, we as a city wanted to explore additional ways to reduce our costs. We elected the solution from OnPay Solutions that will actually help us turn our AP department into a profit center."

Finance Manager
Texas City

Invaluable tech support

"When the CFO suggested we eliminate OnPay Solutions and use our ERP to make payments, I told him I would rather quit my job than use that for payments because if ever a tech support need arises, which isn’t very often, but it does happen from time to time, I can always reach someone at OnPay. They always get my problem solved right way."

Leading Health Publisher and Retailer

Lower costs, higher revenue without sacrificing service

"As we explored ways to reduce costs and drive revenue, we were challenged by our older, proprietary financial application. We needed help getting data out of our system to make ePayments. OnPay Solutions was able to offer a tool that sits on top of our program and delivers the connection we needed. Conservatively I estimate the solution value to be about $150,000 annually, and we are working to grow that."

Third Party Logistics Company

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