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    December 18, 2019
    2019 is almost over and 2020 is right around the corner. If this past decade was any indication, we can expect a lot of changes for payments next year and beyond. As a busy finance professional, it's...
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    December 12, 2019
    Many businesses today are leveraging new payment technologies to issue payments within accounts payable to streamline processes, cut costs and reduce risk.   One of the newest forms of electronic...
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    November 29, 2019
    During the holiday season, it's the perfect time to reflect on what we're thankful for.  If I asked a group of finance professionals what they're thankful for, most would reply with the same answers;...
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    August 2, 2018
    Accounts Payable Automation streamlines the Accounts Payable Department resulting in reduced manual processes and improved operational efficiency while reducing the overall cost associated with the...
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    July 12, 2018
    It’s 2018, most of us don’t write checks anymore and if we do, it’s a rare occasion.   Then why is your accounts payable department is still issuing check payments to vendors? If you are issuing...
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    April 26, 2018
    As a financial leader in your organization, you may wonder about the exact steps you can take to improve accounts payable and even increase your cash flow. Also, how to get the best returns on your...
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    April 11, 2018
      Many businesses today are leveraging technology to manage their finances. With Accounts Payable, you will find that technology can make your process inexpensive, faster, and more convenient, while...
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    September 5, 2017
    It's common for organizations to have fear of the cloud, as there is a wide fear of any new technology that emerges. Yet, moving to the cloud is an increasingly popular choice for small to midsize...
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