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A/R Lockbox Transforms Business Processes for Receivers and Payers

Technology changes and enhancements are intended to streamline processes and improve life. In financial technology, this is the expectation.

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The ability to automate costly and time-consuming workflows has changed the way businesses operate and manage their resources, and some savvy businesses have already jumped on this trend and implemented automated-software solutions to improve their accounts payable department.

Many AP managers, however, are failing to take advantage of the opportunities Accounts Payable automation provides to remove many of the points of friction in the buyer and the supplier interaction. But the benefits of AP automation are paramount, and implementing the solution can have an enormous impact on reducing AP costs.

Below we put together a list (or cheat sheet) that highlights five ways accounts payable managers can save time and money with AP automation.

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How to Survive a CryptoLocker Attack

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Wed, Jan 06, 2016 @ 01:48 PM |

CryptoLocker. Just looking at the word is enough to induce a headache for any CIO or IT manager. This malware not only encrypts all your files, but any other files they are connected to – making the impact long-lasting and devastating.

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How are you deploying your company’s technology? Are you operating on-premise software with a server in a back room? Are you using some cloud applications to address specific functions? Or are you using a hybrid of both?

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2016 Conferences

Provided below is a list of conferences from around the nation that offer opportunities to explore, discover, and widen the scope of your financial knowledge. With conferences held at intervals over the new year there is plenty of opportunity to find an event to attend that sparks your interest, is close in proximity, or better yet - both.

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Payment Automation Support Survey Results

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 10:06 AM |

Payments are mission critical.  We believe that and that's why enabling payments is all we do. 

That said, you can understand why we are profoundly proud of our latest accomplishment. We can report that we have a 100% satisfaction rating from our customers who have opened a technical support case.*

Over the past several months we have been surveying our customers upon closing technical support cases. And, before we share the results, we will tell you that our customers have high expectations because we have told them to. We have a 30 minute response policy. 

Typical cases that have been opened during the survey period range from positive pay files backing-up to needing new user credentials; from an error building a file to check printing overflow errors; from lost vendor information to double entries in a V-Card log. 

 Here's an infographic on the survey and the results: 

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Accounts Payable Best Practices Series

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 09:31 AM |
ERP and Accounting Softwares Fall Short of Delivering what Accounts Payable Departments Really Need  PART 1

Modern ERP and Accounting Software packages often come with payment automation technology built in to their systems. This includes the ability to print business checks using a desktop laser printer and make electronic ACH payments with remittance detail delivered directly to a payee via email.

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