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Five Reasons to be THANKFUL for A/P Automation

Written by Ashley Stevens | Wed, Nov 08, 2017 @ 09:52 AM |

November is the month for reflection and Thanksgiving.  When considering your day-to-day routines, are you thankful for your company’s Accounts Payable functions?  Are you set up with systems that leave behind manually-labor-intensive and expensive processes? 

Today’s A/P best practices are definitely something many can be thankful for this holiday season.   Here are the top reasons why:

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Video Blog: 5 Reasons To Automate AP Payments

Written by Danielle Brown | Fri, Aug 18, 2017 @ 09:40 AM |

Although technology has made accounts payable automation a standard for many organizations, 60% of businesses in the United States are not aware of the countless benefits of A/P automation.

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Before we look at how a cloud-based payments system could benefit your company, let's first look at what "the Cloud" really is.

The Cloud, otherwise known as Cloud-computing is storing and accessing data over the internet versus the computer hard drive.

Not that long ago, all files could only be accessed by physically sitting by and logging into "the computer" hard drive. Today, however, many individuals take advantage of the advances in technology and utilize the cloud to conduct their personal lives. They can access email, share file docs, schedules, and financial information/bill pay from anywhere, anytime.

Many businesses are seeing the benefits and jumping on the cloud banwagon as well. Most recently, many businesses are moving to a cloud-based payment automation system. WHY? you ask.....

How can Your Business benefit from The Cloud — specifically a cloud-based Payment Automation System? 

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#TBT — 2 of Our Fan Favorite Blog Posts

Written by Tessa Tavares Costa | Thu, Sep 01, 2016 @ 05:30 AM |

Friday is almost here! We know, you have had a busy week and may still have a lot more on your ToDo list. It will all get done.

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While we might like to watch THAT 70’s SHOW, we certainly shouldn’t be living with paper processes of that decade in this day and age.  Unfortunately, Accounts Payable today is fraught with the same manual processes that date back to the 70’s.  Sure, we have computers and amazing Accounting and ERP systems, but in reality, the only missing things from A/P departments these days are typewriters, GL punch cards and the haze of cigarette smoke. 

When it comes to Accounts Payable, paper pushing, printing, stapling, and collating is alive and well.      

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