Spend More Time Managing Finances Not Managing Paper

Fri, Sep 25, 2015 @ 11:28 AM

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Automating Accounts Payable doesn't have to start with a paradigm shift.  

Controllers seem stupefied to hear that a paradigm shift isn't required because they are frequently told that Automating Accounts Payable begins with creating workflows for automating invoice matching to purchase orders or electronifying routing invoices for approvals and so on. 

Will those steps indeed reduce paper?  Yes, indeed they will...But starting your Accounts Payable Automation process by attempting to manage the paper coming INTO your Accounts Payable Department is not necessarily the best first step.  Your success in that program is reliant upon many EXTERNAL variables and changing EXTERNAL behaviors in addition to changing your internal processes. 

Sounds overwhelming...like a paradigm shift.  

We submit that Accounts Payable Automation (change) should begin with reducing the paper Accounts Payable CREATES.  

That means --  Change Payments First!

  • Easier and Effective
  • Smarter not harder
  • Economical  
  • Reduces cost and may earn REBATES 

Do you mail out stacks of checks week after week?  

electronic payments

Spend more time managing Finances NOT managing Paper! 


Automating Accounts Payable should begin with Payments.  Call it what you will...electronifying payments, making ePayments, Automating Payments...

Doing so will make a HUGE impact on your organization and will allow you more time to get back to the real work of managing Finances, not managing paper.  

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