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Accounts Payable: Perfect Payments — Fact? or Fiction?

 When it comes to making Accounts Payable payments, broker payments or any kind of scheduled payments, you can be a Perfect Payer. Yes, perfect payments and perfect payers can and do exist!  Here's our Infographic depicting how...

AP automation

What is a Perfect Payer? A Perfect Payer simply describes a payer who makes on-time payments using the least expensive payment channel and takes full advantage of available payment incentives.

As a result, Perfect Payers receive:

  1. Lower cost benefits
  2. Greater efficiencies
  3. NET new revenue stream to the company

OnPay Solutions' goal is to enable Perfect Payers by providing relevant solutions for reducing the expense associated with making payments. There has never been a better time to take advantage of available savings and virtual card account rebate programs.

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