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Giving Thanks For Payment Automation

During the holiday season, it's the perfect time to reflect on what we're thankful for.  If I asked a group of finance professionals what they're thankful for, most would reply with the same answers; family, job, a place to live, and so on. Well at OnPay Solutions we can relate and totally agree with those personal thanksgivings.

As a company, we can all say that we are also thankful for our fabulous team of employees and our customers. They are what's important to us and they are the key to our success.  They engage, inspire and ignite the passion in us to make payment automation better and easier. At this time we thank them (you) for their inspiration.

The difference between OnPay Solutions and a lot of our competitors is that we treat every client like family. We relish in, and strive on, the things that bring us together. Today, we imagine many of you reading this are in turkey comas. Don't worry, we're in them too. We know that many of you are carefully constructing the perfect gifts for Christmas. We're in the same boat (and just as excited about Black Friday shopping tomorrow). That's what makes the holiday season so amazing. Whether you're waiting for Cyber Monday or braving the lines tomorrow morning, we're all in this together.

At OnPay Solutions, we try to embody that mentality year-round. We believe that AP and AR departments should operate smoothly and cut costs wherever than can (especially on needless expenditures like paper and tedious manual processes). That's why we do what we do. We believe in a world that no longer relies on paper checks and invoices for payments. We know that your vendors and suppliers need to get paid. We also know, for many businesses, there's a better way to do it. Save time. Save money. Improve morale. Join hundreds of businesses and automate your payments in 2020. We promise you, and your department, will sleep a little easier because you did. 

We care about payment automation because we lived in a world without it. Think about air-conditioning before it was mainstream, you wouldn't know what you were missing until you sat in a dining room in July set at 70 degrees. Imagine if early explorers were offered air fair in 1492, the world would probably be a little different now. One day soon, people will discuss payment automation in the same way. We're here to ensure you aren't left behind. 

Here's 10 reasons why automating your payments in 20202 and beyond will 100% land you on Santa's "nice" list with one of our premier payment products -- OnPayConnect.

 1. Thankful For- Hierachical password controls, allowing separation of duties, so the staff can access only the payment processing areas they are entitled to operate.  

2. Thankful For- Fully integrated electronic payments, without logging into a bank or uploading through disparate systems.  

3.Thankful For- Fully integrated reporting and processed card reporting, to allow visibility for what payments cleared and when. thanksgiving

4. Thankful For- Full audit trail on each and every type of payment made; checks, ACH, Virtual Card and Wire Transfer. 

5. Thankful For- Being able to convert our check files to ePayments -ACH, V-Card and Wire Transfers (even - or should we say, especially -  when the ERP can't recognize other payment types). 

6. Thankful For- Built-in connectivity to all of our financial institutions

7. Thankful For- Having access to our ePayment vendor databases without fees. 

8. Thankful For- Reducing Costs and streamlining our business process. 

9. Thankful For- Mitigating risk while simplifying the AP process. 

10. Thankful For- Revenue generation turning our cost center into a profit center.

We heard our customers and we compiled this list for them. We thank all of our customers and subscribers of our payments blog. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy your time away. If you're not a customer of OnPay and after reading this list you're intrested by all means click the button below and we would be happy to reach out to you.   Connect Me With OnPay Solutions

Updated 11/28/19.