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Enabling Remote AP Solutions with ERP Integration

“Digital Transformation” has become a very popular phrase over the last few decades.  Rightly so – we’re deep in the middle of the digital age.  It’s innate for humans to identify problems and seek solutions – and technology has afforded us the ability to uncover solutions at a pace we’ve never seen before.

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From the evolution of MP3 players in the early 2000’s to smartphones in the mid 2000’s to smartwatches in the mid 2010’s, we’ve witnessed an influx of technology and devices designed to aggregate, integrate, and deliver important information in a much simpler and quicker manner.  The aim of these advancements is always to make our lives easier.  However, what you’ll notice is that the vast majority of the digital transformation that we’ve witnessed in the last 20 years has been as a consumer. 

The cold hard truth is that the digital transformation phenomenon is severely lagging in the business world.  While B2C technologies have been quickly adopted and deployed to the extent that they’ve become second nature, B2B technologies are just now establishing a foothold.  Companies are still ordering checks from their banks or printing them internally, pushing papers and stuffing envelopes, manually pushing ACH and Wire transactions through their banks with zero to little remittance detail, and they’re still using poorly secured purchasing cards with no direct cash benefits.

Why? That’s the question we often ask ourselves.

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There are a variety of factors contributing to slow adoption of business process automation, but the primary factor on the surface is fear – fear of the unknowns.  Unknowns may include but are not limited to cost implications, implementation times and associated continuity disruption, and how employees will use the technology.

Fear is roadblock to improvement, and it’s no exception in the business world, particularly when it comes to technology that improves business processes.  With minimal investment of time and money, companies can quickly overcome that fear and uncover software solutions that tremendously improve their businesses by saving manual labor, costs, and time.  These drivers may not seem too impactful in isolation, but they add up over periods of time.  Adopting a payment automation software can save your company thousands of dollars, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Perks of B2B Payment Automation

All it takes is the willingness to be flexible – flexible enough to learn how flexible automation software can be.  In particular, our accounts payable payment automation software, works with any ERP on the market.  Whether you’re a global corporation using a large-scale platform like SAP, you’re a regional consulting firm using Quickbooks, or you’re somewhere in between using a homegrown ERP solution, our software will work with you.  We can integrate by consuming your ERP’s API’s or we can implement in a file-based manner and simply map our system around the files output from your ERP.  Regardless of the lift, we can get our system up and running in a matter of weeks. 

The point is that it’s easier and more affordable than one would think.  We’ve made it a point at OnPay Solutions to create a product that’s not intimidating, easy to use, and is highly flexible.  In fact, we’ve partnered with a few ERP’s to make onboarding even painless. 

We’ve partnered with well-known generalist ERP’s that address all sizes of businesses like Acumatica.  

“We believe that OnPay Solutions and their payment automation software offers our users a simple and easy-to-use solution to make faster payments while also enabling virtual card usage to return AP dollars to them. Their focus on enhancing vendor relationships by not taking possession of funds resonates with our relationship centric perspective.” - Christian Lindberg, VP of Partner Solutions for Acumatica

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We’ve also partnered with industry specific systems like Compeat.  

"Our partnership with OnPay Solutions has truly positioned Compeat to offer an automated AP solution to our restaurant customer base. Not only has the process been seamless, but leveraging the "graybox" design from OnPay has allowed us to maximize operational efficiency and maintain the proper control for our audits. Thanks to this integration, we have been able to deliver remarkable time and expense savings to our customers while simply making their jobs easier." - Clint Blaylock, VP of Payments for Compeat

Perhaps you’re a CFO and you’re looking for ways to automate accounting processes that are highly manual and easily interrupted, or perhaps you’re an ERP or accounting system looking to make AP payments easier for your users.  Automation can be daunting, but once you get past the fear, it's a simple solution that fixes a lot of glaring problems.  It’ll save you or your clients time and money – and we’re here to help.