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Controller and A/P Managers Top 12 Holiday Wishes

There are many reasons for automating accounts payable, many more than we can describe in this list.  Nevertheless, these are the TOP 12 wishes we heard within this year from Controllers and A/P Managers who were looking to improve their departments by automating payments and accounts payable.


Which of the following do you have on your wish list? Which is most exciting to you?

1) Boosting your Department's Efficiency

2) Reducing Fraud Risk - Improving Security

3) Enhancing Employee Relations

4) Strengthening Supplier and Vendor Relations

5) Improving Accuracy

6) Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center

7) Reducing Cost by 75% or more

8) Stop Wasting Time and Wasting Money

9) Getting Vendors Enrolled in a New Program FAST

10) Overcoming System Limitations

11) Easily Managing Payments from Multiple P&Ls

12) Becoming the Company HERO

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