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[Free Datasheet Offer] 4 Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Payment Automation

Before we look at how a cloud-based payments system could benefit your company, let's first look at what "the Cloud" really is.

The Cloud, otherwise known as Cloud-computing is storing and accessing data over the internet versus the computer hard drive.

Not that long ago, all files could only be accessed by physically sitting by and logging into "the computer" hard drive. Today, however, many individuals take advantage of the advances in technology and utilize the cloud to conduct their personal lives. They can access email, share file docs, schedules, and financial information/bill pay from anywhere, anytime.

Many businesses are seeing the benefits and jumping on the cloud banwagon as well. Most recently, many businesses are moving to a cloud-based payment automation system. WHY? you ask.....

How can Your Business benefit from The Cloud — specifically a cloud-based Payment Automation System? 

AP automation

First, costs are reduced for businesses that utilize payment automation platforms. Cost is greatly reduced when vendor payments become paperless. Costly check printing and mailing becomes a thing of the past when online payments are issued.

Second, risk is minimized. In an online article released by Bloomberg, "Using cloud-based software, an accountant can send a QuickBooks entry to managers for digital approvals, record the transaction in all ledgers, and send payment out automatically for processing. The result: Fewer employees have to deal with payments". 

Third, efficiencies are maximized. Not only  is risk minimized with cloud-based paments, but the aforementioned accountant, does not have to be sitting at his or her office PC. It can be done from his/her mobile device from anywhere, anytime.

Fourth, there is no burden on your company's IT department. These platforms are very user friendly.  

The benefits of a cloud-based payment automation system are endless. These are just a few of the ways a cloud-based payment automation system could benefit your company!! Learn how you could save time, reduce cost, even earn cash back.

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