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When you think streamlining Accounts Payable or Automating Payments by issuing ePayments you may be under the impression that your ERP can handle this process.  As many know, the "functionality" may be purchased through an "add-on" module.  

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Automating Accounts Payable doesn't have to start with a paradigm shift.  

Controllers seem stupefied to hear that a paradigm shift isn't required because they are frequently told that Automating Accounts Payable begins with creating workflows for automating invoice matching to purchase orders or electronifying routing invoices for approvals and so on. 

Will those steps indeed reduce paper?  Yes, indeed they will...But starting your Accounts Payable Automation process by attempting to manage the paper coming INTO your Accounts Payable Department is not necessarily the best first step.  Your success in that program is reliant upon many EXTERNAL variables and changing EXTERNAL behaviors in addition to changing your internal processes. 

Sounds overwhelming...like a paradigm shift.  

We submit that Accounts Payable Automation (change) should begin with reducing the paper Accounts Payable CREATES.  

That means --  Change Payments First!

  • Easier and Effective
  • Smarter not harder
  • Economical  
  • Reduces cost and may earn REBATES 
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Payment Automation Support Survey Results

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Wed, Aug 26, 2015 @ 10:06 AM |

Payments are mission critical.  We believe that and that's why enabling payments is all we do. 

That said, you can understand why we are profoundly proud of our latest accomplishment. We can report that we have a 100% satisfaction rating from our customers who have opened a technical support case.*

Over the past several months we have been surveying our customers upon closing technical support cases. And, before we share the results, we will tell you that our customers have high expectations because we have told them to. We have a 30 minute response policy. 

Typical cases that have been opened during the survey period range from positive pay files backing-up to needing new user credentials; from an error building a file to check printing overflow errors; from lost vendor information to double entries in a V-Card log. 

 Here's an infographic on the survey and the results: 

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As businesses paid each other in 2013, check payments remained the dominant payment type, according to an AFP Survey released late in 2013. 

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ROI - Converting to E-Payments

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Tue, Oct 01, 2013 @ 02:21 PM |
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AP Best Practices Series -- Vendor Management

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Fri, Sep 20, 2013 @ 01:57 PM |

We recently had a discussion with a very large company about Vendor Management that reminded us of just how daunting it can be to maintain the company vendor database. 

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Reduce cost in Accounts Payable in 2013

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Mon, Mar 11, 2013 @ 09:33 AM |

"What is the biggest way to impact the cost of AP in 2013?" 

We have seen this question and similar questions posed on LinkedIn within several different groups ranging from Finance and Accounting groups to AP Managers / AP Professionals groups. We also find free webinars and good old-fashioned conferences being held to discuss these questions.  We are certain that these questions are driven by the desire to provide solutions to businesses that are seeking to recover the additional expenses now imposed on companies by the changing business climate and other outside influences. 

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2013 B2B Payments Do's and Dont's

Written by Julie Negrete-Anderson | Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 03:14 PM |

Here at OnPay Solutions we are all about boiling down our expertise into usable information for B2B payment makers.  Here's an easy to read, almost easier to execute checklist of the Do's and Don'ts that savvy B2B payment makers should follow this year: 

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