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    April 11, 2018
      Many businesses today are leveraging technology to manage their finances. With Accounts Payable, you will find that technology can make your process inexpensive, faster, and more convenient, while...
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    April 5, 2018
      It's not uncommon for organizations to fear moving to a cloud solution, just as there is a trepidation at moving to any newly emerging technology. Yet, moving departments like Accounts Payable to a...
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    March 29, 2018
    Everyone has fears, whether in your personal life, at school, or at work. Sometimes people allow fear to control decisions and actions. Accounts Payable automation seems to have common myths or...
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    March 22, 2018
        Although technology has made Accounts Payable payment automation a standard for many organizations, 60 percent of businesses in the United States are not aware of the countless benefits of A/P...
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    March 15, 2018
        The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) released a report in last September that found the use of paper checks in B2B payments actually increased in 2016. Yet, that said, experts still...
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    March 8, 2018
        As a CFO or Controller, you maintain a close relationship with your banker or bankers. Contrary to popular belief, working with your bank for issuing payments is not always the best decision. No...
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    March 1, 2018
    Best practices remain the cornerstone of any strong and efficient organization. This is especially true of the accounts payable function, what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. Best...
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    February 22, 2018
      According to a survey conducted by the Credit Research Foundation (CRF), credit and account receivables professionals anticipate that ACH transactions will surpass checks as the leading form of...
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