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Which Should You Use? Purchasing Cards or Virtual Cards?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Future of FinTech

Debunking Myths about Virtual Cards in AP

How Can Payments Improve Your Bottom Line?

6 Great Reasons for Accounts Payable Virtual Card Payments

Going Green with Electronic Payments = savings + earnings for A/P

What Is Accounts Payable Automation?

"Accepting ePayments is Harder than Taking Checks"

Digital Transformation for Your A/P Department Can Be EASY

2019 Top 10 Conferences for Corporate Financial Professionals

Controller and A/P Managers Top 12 Holiday Wishes

How Finance Leaders Can Have a More Productive and Profitable 2019 Without Capital Expense

Two Recent Awards and Why They Matter to You

Solving Accounts Payable Problems

Payments Can Change Everything #paymentscanchangeeverything

CFO Insight:  The ROI for Payment Automation [Download Your Free ROI Calculator Tool]

Are you using your bank’s treasury services? Should you consider a bank-neutral payment platform instead?

Podcasts for Busy CFOs, Controllers, Treasury Managers, and Corporate Finance Professionals

Implementing Accounts Payable Automation Improves Two Unique Processes

Digitize Accounts Payable Payments...Join The Movement!

ePayments – How to Message Suppliers and Vendors for Optimal Adoption

Advantages of FinTech Accounts Receivable Automation

vCards – How to Revolutionize Your Business with Virtual Credit Card Payments

Accounts Payable Automation Strategies for Success

How Does an Old Bicycle Shop Correlate with Accounts Receivable Automation?

Create an Additional Revenue Stream by Issuing Supplier Payments with Virtual Cards

How is Cloud-Based Accounts Payable Technology Different than On-Premise Software? 

Achieve Optimal Accuracy with Accounts Receivable Automation

5 Myths Holding Companies Back from A/P Automation

The Most Important Concepts for Small to Mid-Size Business Accounts Receivable Automation

Top 5 Reasons to Automate

Futuristic B2B Payments: Virtual Cards, ACH and Accounts Receivable Challenges 

Why Checks Continue To Steal the B2B Payments Spotlight and How to Prepare to Move to ePayments

Accounts Receivable – Two Reasons Why You Should Be Cash Greedy

10 Payment Automation Secrets Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know

Accounts Receivable: 6 Ways to Free Up Cash and Strengthen Working Capital

Best Practices in Accounts Payable = Strong Control Over Payables

4 Reasons You're Failing to get Paid

As Times Change Electronic Payments are More Widely Accepted

Accounts Payable Automation for Cost Saving and Improved Efficiency

3 Accounts Receivable Realities

Four Ways Payments can Impact your Business

Top 3 Accounts Payable Practices: How to Implement Them for Success

6 Wastes That Kill Efficiency in Your Accounts Payable Department

4 Initiatives for 2018's Most Influential CFOs

New Year, New Accounts Payable Fraud Prevention Practices

Top Ten Conferences for Corporate Financial Professionals in 2018

2018: Will It Be The Year for Your Accounts Payable Automation?

The 12 Ways to OnPay for Accounts Payable Automation & Accounts Receivable Automation

Video Blog:  Transforming the Financial Process without "The Dreaded Trifecta"

Video Blog: The Road to CASH Management Transformation

Seven Fraud Prevention Practices You're Thankful Your Team Utilizes

Four Reasons Why Accounts Payable Departments are Thankful for Virtual Cards

Five Reasons to be THANKFUL for A/P Automation

Still Issuing Check Payments? Here are 5 Scary Reasons Why You Should Stop

Video Blog: A/R Lockbox Transforms Business Processes for Receivers and Payers

Why businesses need accounts receivable automation from a SaaS company

CFO: Dealing with a Deficit of IT Talent

Video Blog: How Payments Impact Your Business and Relationships

How Sustainability Has Expanded the CFOs Role

11 Reasons Why Your ERP Isn't Your Best Option for Making Payments

The Top 5 Myths about Accepting Paper Check Payments

Video Blog: ACH Transactions to Top Checks as Top Form of B2B Payment by 2020

The Future Role of the CFO and Technology

Video Blog: The Current B2B Payments Trends

Video Blog: Cloud Based Software vs. On-Premise Hosting

Video Blog: 7 Best Practices for Payment Fraud Prevention

Cloud Based Software vs. On-Premise Hosting

Video Blog: The Myths About A/P Automation

CFO-CIO: Working together for digital transformation

Video Blog: The Benefits of Virtual Cards

Video Blog: 5 Reasons To Automate AP Payments

Things A/P Staff Can Do Instead of Dealing with Paper Problems

Are ACH Payments Becoming the Middle Ground for A/P and A/R?

5 Reasons Your Company Should Issue A/P Payments with Virtual Credit Cards

Must-Attend 2017 Conferences for Financial Professionals- Part 2

CFO - You Don't Just Close the Books -- You're a Strategic Advisor

[Cheat Sheet] 5 Ways AP Managers Can Save Time and Money with Accounts Payable Automation

Breaking Through the Barriers to Accounts Payable Automation

Super Bowl LI's Four Downs to Becoming an Accounts Payable Perfect Payer

Accounts Payable Automation - The Fears, The Myths & The Facts

[Webinar Recap] Maximize Your Virtual Card Program

7 Accounts Payable New Year's Resolutions for 2017

The Best of 2016: Top 12 Payments Blog Posts of the Year...

Must-Attend 2017 Conferences for Financial Professionals

[CFOs/Controllers, CIOs & Accounts Payable] 11 Websites To Check Out in 2017!

Virtual Cards — When You Don't Use Them, You Miss a New Revenue Stream! [Free eBook Download]

[National Cyber Security Day eBook] A Guide to Protecting Your Organization's AP Department From Fraud

CFOs & Controllers: 10 Payment Automation Secrets Your Banker Won't Tell You ( a Free eBook Download)

#FraudAwarenessWeek: The 7 Best Practices for Payment Fraud Prevention

Is Converting to ePayments Worth the Investment? [Download Your Free ROI Calculator Tool to Find Out Now]

[Celebrate World Paper Free Day] 4 Steps for Going Paperless With Your Invoice-to-Pay Process

5 Accounts Payable Problems Solved Once and For All - Part 2

6 Accounts Payable Problems Solved Once and For All - Part 1

AP Automation: Where to Start — Payments or Invoices?

[Free Datasheet Offer] 4 Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Payment Automation

Accounts Payable: Perfect Payments — Fact? or Fiction?

[Industry Call-To-Action] How Healthcare Plans & Providers Can SAVE Billions

#TBT — 2 of Our Fan Favorite Blog Posts

It isn’t so funny when you're stuck in the 70's in your A/P department

Why Continued Paper Check Use is Hurting Your Business

Maximize Your Financial Opportunities with Accounts Payable

How Can Payments Affect Employee Relations?

How Can Payments Enhance Supplier Relations?

Paper Checks: Why Are Companies Still Using Them?

The Future of Faster Payments: NACHA’S Same Day ACH Agreement

The Dangers of ACH and Wire Fraud and How It May Affect You

7 Challenges Accounts Payable Managers Face

Is Your Company an Easy Target for Fraud?

Check Your Tech: Is Your Technology Up to Par?

How to Survive a CryptoLocker Attack

Considering the Cloud? Ask These Questions First

Cash Forecasting Remains a Priority for CFOs in 2016

4 Other Ways to Reward Your Team - Without Money

6 Conferences to Attend in 2016 for Financial Pros

How to Prevent Employee Payment Fraud

10 Reasons Why Your ERP Isn't Your Best Option for Making Payments

Spend More Time Managing Finances Not Managing Paper

Payment Automation Support Survey Results

Two Ways Virtual Cards Will Bolster Your Business

The Future of Payment Technology

The Card Games: Purchasing Cards vs. Virtual Cards

AP Best Practices Series Pt. 3: Three Ways to Protect AP Departments

Electronic Payments Support White House / SBA SupplierPay Program

Check Payments - Less Control, More Fraud

Automation ≠ Radical Change

Bloomberg Announces Death of Checks

Expand Accounts Payable ePayments Abroad

The Four Downs to Becoming a Perfect Payer

Knowing when to use a Purchasing Card Vs. Virtual Card

12 Ways to OnPay

Giving Thanks For Payment Automation

Top 9 Key Points in AP Automation

Five Payment Technology Advancements, Breaking Down Adoption Barriers

Break the Barriers Holding Companies Back from Electronic Payments

ROI - Converting to E-Payments

AP Best Practices Series -- Vendor Management

Reduce cost in Accounts Payable in 2013

2013 B2B Payments Do's and Dont's

E-Payments - Suggested Messages to Vendors

AP Best Practices Series -- B2B Payments --

Accounts Payable Best Practices Series

Bank Services – Do they really help companies?

Simplify making the move to E-Payments

E-Payments Program using Virtual Card -- Why Not?

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