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"Accepting ePayments is Harder than Taking Checks"

Why would a FINTECH company that specializes in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable put this headline in writing, let alone in their own BLOG posting? 

Let us explain. 

First off, we can't tell you how many times that we have been meeting with a Treasurer, Controller or Credit and Collections Manager at a large company who has said - 

"Accepting ePayments is more work than taking checks" 

"Accepting ePayments is a real pain in the keister" (or other similar statement)

"We like checks because our bank lock-box takes care of organizing the incoming payment data so we can clear invoices and apply cash"  

"Virtual Cards are the worst and we won't take them because we have to link the payments back to invoices, which already takes too much time THEN we have to key in card details to get our cash " 

These are actual quotes from true conversations. 

That's why we created our SNAP Remit...formerly known as A/R Lockbox. It allows any payee in the OnPayConnect ecosystem to eliminate the barriers described in the above statements. 

We greatly value and appreciate each and every payee in our "ecosystem"  They are important to us, so we have invested in building out our platform to extend AR automation further with our new remittance optimization solution, SNAP Remit. The solution provides a tremendous value and impact for companies that are managing the complex, often manual process of collecting, understanding, matching and finally applying the data from various payment remittance sources to clear the open items in Accounts Receivable.

As part of our investment in our vendor ecosystem, we have partnered with Agami Merchant Solutions, our Platinum Business Partner and co-collaborator in our solutions, so that we can support our vendors and suppliers in the "ecosystem"

Any company in the OnPayConnect ecosystem gets the help they need for their business' A/R operations. It's easy to become a member...paid or not paid from within the portal, any business can participate in SNAP Remit. 

We greatly value the opportunity to be partner with companies to reduce the friction in electronic payments to promote further adoption of ePayment forms of all types.  

Companies seeking more information about SNAP Remit, please click here

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