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Make payments.
Receive Payments.
Optimize Payments.

Cloud-based, bank-level secure, cost-effective, agnostic to your ERP and bank, revenue-generating.

Payment automation via ACH

Wire Transfer Payment Fact Sheet:

A simple alternative to logging in or manually walking through the wire process with your banks, this Payment Hub issues wire transfers.

Maintain your current A/P process yet pay high-dollar vendors, creditors or others with wire transfers, SWIFT or IBAN. Format the Wire Transfer and securely transmit via Secure FTP to your Financial Institution’s Wire Desk.

With hierarchical password controls to access the software, separation of duties is genuinely achievable. Administrators may set up users to:

  • Set-up Wire Transfer payments
  • Approve Wire Transfer payments
  • Release Wire Transfer payments
  • Run reports

Users may be configured to access all companies within the system or be limited in their scope of work.

All use of the software is strictly monitored to ensure the highest degree of security.

Work with as many financial institutions as you desire. In each case, once the system is configured, payments are processed quickly and easily.

Generate an email to the vendor remittance advice or sent an email with a link to an online remittance portal which allows vendors to download their remittance directly into their receivables system.

A detailed audit trail is available via the software’s reporting system.