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P-Card or V-Card

Learn which card is best for your business with our purchasing card or virtual card webinar.

Discover the solution that is best for you.

Purchasing Cards

  • One P-Card used for one supplier, department, or employee
  • Have a preset dollar limit or preset list of approved items to purchase
  • Require process training for program success
  • Rebates may be tiered or annual threshold may have to be met

Virtual Cards

  • Same first six digits used for all vendors (last ten digits change)
  • Little to no risk of fraud
  • PCI Compliant
  • Remittance information is emailed to vendors
  • Rebates are paid monthly on every dollar of spend

Find out which "card" is better for your Accounts Payable department. Sign up to watch or download our latest webinar on P-Cards or V-Cards. 

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