Case Studies

When considering A/P Automation, it might be helpful to learn more about how other organizations overcame their challenges and used systems to streamline their operations. 


Case Studies: Retail | Insurance | Municipality | Manufacturing | Restaurants | Logistics



Highly Advanced Business Solution runs the company but not Accounts Payable
Integrate a Payment Hub with a very advanced ERP System.

A leading health publisher and direct-to-consumer retailer of nutritional supplements runs their operation on a Top-Tier Business Solution / ERP System. This ERP product offers a complete suite of applications from CRM to Human Capital Management, from Sales to Service, from Enterprise Resource Planning to Financial Management. They’ve got it all.



Leading national healthcare insurance and service provider wanted more efficient payments with little impact on overburdened IT Department.

The Treasury Manager of one of part of the leading national health care insurance and service provider was seeking an Accounts Payable upgrade to include electronic payments to reduce costs and create a new revenue stream for the company. She had the Controller looking into the option of outsourcing with the banks and the card processors but learned that doing this would require the existing payment files to be manipulated.




Fast-Growing Texas city seeks to reduce costs in finance, more efficient payments and new revenue stream.

One of the fastest growing cities in Texas, positioned on a growth curve that extends well into the 21st century has a centralized AP department for the City’s 25 departments. All use the same SunGard accounting system, but for control, one central payment technology from OnPay Solutions has been employed for many years. The centralized department issued approximately 150 – 200 checks each week.



Manufacturing Company

Prominent manufacturer looks for alternative to the expensive and labor-intensive paper check payments and found a solution which created a new revenue stream for the company.

A $7.5M company manufactures superior conduit products for the electrical, telecommunications, utility, and sewer markets wanted a way to stop throwing money down the drain. They were spending more than $35,000 annually on paper checks — not to mention the hours of staff time spent on printing, stuffing and mailing these checks.



Restaurant Operator

Leading restaurant operator of multiple franchises wanted to move from paper check to ePayments in order to reduce cost and generate cash. Finding an automation solution that would allow them to bank locally was an important deciding factor.

A leading restaurant operator and the largest franchisee of 74 restaurants located in key urban and suburban markets in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Missouri, this company has nearly tripled its number of restaurants through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. Further, its third quarter 2016 reported revenue was close to $47 million.



Logistics - Multi-Business Units

A third party logistic company experienced in moving people, business and products found a solution to “move” from paper check to payment automation and generate additional revenue in return.

This $200M logistic business is a diversified, cooperative group of domestic and international service companies. These affiliates specialize in worldwide corporate employee relocation, household moving, and warehouse and logistics management. In addition to its international services to over 100 countries. They handle more than 40,000 shipments annually.


Deutsche Bank
Dallas cowboys
Mckenzie Tank Lines
Tallgrass Development
Michels Corporation