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Free Playbook: Optimizing AP & AR

This playbook draws on past studies and credible external sources to document out-of-date invoicing processes' business costs. The report also lays out digital alternatives for more efficient and effective AP, AR and payments operations.

What to Expect

There are generations of consumers today who would have trouble identifying a fax machine, let alone using one. These devices are still mainstays in many United States companies’ accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) departments, however, as 43.8 percent of firms report that they receive invoices via fax — a greater portion than those that receive digital invoices or eInvoices. 

This free playbook is broken down into five distinct chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problems with Paper
  3. Bringing AP and AR Into the First Century
  4. Briding the AP and AR Innovation Gap
  5. Conclusion

Discover how to elevate your AP and AR processes today! Simply fill out the form to get started. 

Optimizing AP and AR Playbook Tablet Cover


Businesses considering the adoption of new technologies can find it challenging to understand and quantify the benefits, especially during the solutions’ early stages, but comprehending the
plusses to optimizing AP and AR operations is hardly a difficulty. Automation has long been a driving force in this space, and its pace and scope have expanded considerably in recent years, largely due to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools.