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SNAP Remit Provides Seamless A/R Even for ePAYMENTS

Do you cringe at ePayments from Customers because it's hard to clear invoices and apply cash?

Transform Accounts Receivable from a tedious manual process  


Companies like yours are often managing complex processes of collecting, understanding, matching and finally applying the data from various payment remittance sources to clear the open items in accounts receivable.   

Onboard to the SNAP Remit and get:  

  • Virtual Card processing right where you receive the remittance details
  • A workflow that's quick and easy for clearing invoices and applying cash
  • Better visibility to cash flow management
  • Lower DSO  
  • Integration directly with your ERP 

We will help you get it all set up.  


Fill out the form to learn more about how easy it can be to automate accounts receivable with 

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