Leave Paper Invoices Behind. Cut 90% of Finance Department Costs with Invoice Automation


  • Expedite your invoice processing with a customized invoice workflow

  • Get faster insight into invoices with 48-hour invoice digitization

  • Convert to a digital invoice manager that integrates with existing ERP tools in less than a month

  • Strengthen vendor relations with faster invoice turnaround

  • Provide vendors with invoice processing insight like receipt and payment status

Increase insight for your finance team and vendors, and reduce busy work in the AP department by integrating invoice digitization with your existing ERP.

Invoice Automation

Boost Invoice Processing Efficiency

  • Customize invoice workflow
  • Automate invoice approval
  • Improve team collaboration and productivity through an accessible, cloud-based tool
  • Search invoices amongst 20 customizable data fields

Modernize Current ERP Systems

  • Integrate a cloud-based invoice system to update your current ERP tools
  • Streamline your payment systems and decrease processing lag with invoice digitization
  • Increase processing efficiency to save 90% of current costs

Improve Vendor Relations

  • Improve vendor relations through transparent invoice processing
  • Provide downloadable remittance for fast invoice clearance
  • Resolve invoice issues quickly through built-in technical support

Transform Your Invoice Workflow

  • Update your invoice system from paper to invoice digitization easily within a month
  • Customize to meet each P&L’s needs

Increase Efficiency and Cut Invoice Processing Costs

“We explored ways to reduce costs and drive revenue, while still maintaining a high level of service. OnPay Solutions was able to offer an invoice manager that sits on top of our older, proprietary financial application and delivers the connection we needed. My conservative estimate is that the solution saves us $150,000 annually, and we are working daily to grow that.”

Third Party Logistics Company
Invoice Automation Workflow

Invoice Automation Workflow

Works with any financial package: mainframe or home-grown to SAP or QuickBooks, and everything in between.


Quick and Easy Implementation

Go live in under 30 days with minimal impact on finance and IT departments with full onboarding support.


E-Payments and Virtual Cards

Streamline quicker transactions for your vendors, reduce human errors, and transform your department into a profit center by earning rebates.

Our clients vouch for the benefits we provide


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