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How to Generate Revenue Simply by Making Payments

Access the recording of our live discussion with CFOs at CFOLC's leadership conference today!

About Our Free Virtual Workshop

Join our Founder and COO, Julie Negrete-Anderson, and CFOs of participating companies in their discussion on how to create additional revenue streams in your Accounts Payable (AP) department! 

Changes are ahead for all of us — discover how to adapt and overcome challenges, rethink your approach to payments, and innovate via automation and ePayments in our free discussion. 

Our on-demand, interactive workshop goes over:

  • Problems With Paper
  • Lack of Automation
  • Challenges With Change
  • Dichotomy of AP & Ar
  • Dynamics of ePayments 
  • Creating a Revenue Stream

It's free and easy to access! Just fill out the form to watch the full-length recording today. 

Prefer to start a conversation about advancing your AP department with our help? Reach out today to talk!