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Appfolio AP Automation Integrations

OnPay Solutions has partnered with Appfolio to enable AP Automation quickly and easily. Get started in days, not weeks.

AppFolio Property Manager Plus is a custom-built solution for complex businesses managing thousands of units. Flexible workflows allow you to consistently execute processes, seamlessly deliver exceptional experiences, and quickly gain full transparency, even if you have a large team working across many properties. Comprehensive and intuitive, AppFolio Property Manager Plus provides instant access to insights and data, enabling your team to make strategic decisions and execute on long-term plans. If your business manages thousands of units, discover why AppFolio Property Manager Plus is right for you.

Save on Paper Costs

Eliminate paper

  • Eliminate checks and manual processes
  • Save as much as 80% by eliminating paper processes
  • Eliminate Double Work by Automating AP

Save on Time

Automate AP with the tools you use

  • Transform invoices to a digital workflow
  • Free your finance department from time-intensive manual processes
  • Transform invoices to a digital workflow

Over 200+ Integrations

Appfolio is one of many

  • Integrates with Appfolio
  • Enable AP payment automation out of any platform or system
  • Payment automation in under 30 days

AP Solutions Designed for Appfolio

With over 200 integrations and multiple options for automation, we tailor the implementation process to meet your unique needs. Choose an AP automation provider that allows you to keep the things that work and discard the rest. Get started by booking a demo today!

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