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Accounts Payable Automation Simplified

Learn more about how a fully automated payments & eInvoicing solution streamlines processes & reduces costs.

Accounts Payable Automation

Transform invoices to a digital workflow and send payments directly to suppliers and vendors from your own bank...'s also profit-generating.
“Automating our AP department has saved us on average $120,000 a year. When you add in the rebates from virtual card payments, it's insane. Our only regret is that we waited so long to automate.”



Accounts Payable Automation: Payments

Are You Ready to Transition to Paperless Accounts Payable without outsourcing? 

Whether you are a mid-sized business or a multi-national Fortune 500 company, get the tools you need to swap the complexity and friction of paper-based, manual supplier invoice processing, for the efficiency and ease of a cloud-based, fully secure, web-enabled system.

Use our bank-level-secure platform to keep control in your own department yet have complete invoice automation with the benefit of payment automation that goes as far as to onboard your vendors and suppliers for an ePayment program.  

Save time and money by eliminating your team's manual processing tasks and get them focused on financial analysis.  You can even return profit to the bottom line from the cash rebates you'll earn!

Onboard to the platform in 30 - 45 days and get:  
  • Paperless invoice processing and workflows
  • Clear cash flow management
  • Easy onboarding of your suppliers / vendors 
  • Secure audit trail for tax and internal audit compliance
  • Analytics transparency with easy-to-read reports
  • Staff free to focus on strategic needs and financial reporting
  • Cash paid monthly from V-Card rebate program
Automating your A/P process can be your perfect solution. 
  • Electronic payments reduces costs for your A/P department
  • ePayments = More control and greater security
  • Makes payment runs more quickly on virtual cards, ACH & even wire
  • Rebates paid monthly on V-Card spend provides a new revenue stream 
  • Make on-time payments to vendors and suppliers & improves relationships
  • Eliminates errors in payment processing
  • Streamlines your A/P process  


Accounts Payable Automation: Invoicing

Finance professionals in every industry are saving time and money by eliminating their team's manual processing tasks, allowing them to focus on financial analysis. Finance departments that switch to invoice and payment automation typically save in excess of $10 dollars an invoice by moving their payment processes to the cloud. 

We take care of all of the onboarding and system set up to meet your company's needs.  And, forget about a long, expensive project with your ERP consultant.  We'll tell you exactly how to onboard with us for the lowest possible cost.  

Onboard to the platform and get:  

  • Paperless invoice processing intelligently captured in under 48 hours 
  • A workflow customized for you
  • Better visibility to cash flow management
  • Lower invoice processing cost 
  • Integration directly with your ERP and your OnPay Solutions' system 
  • Capability for archiving paper invoices
Why Automate?
Immediately Improve Productivity & Visibility Into Cashflow. Works with Your Existing ERP. Improve Supplier and Vendor Relations.
  • Substantially reduces costs.
  • No software costs.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Improve supplier relationships with status notifications and alerts.
  • Ease of integration with your current ERP system.

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