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AP Automation Success Stories and ROI What Our Clients Say About Us

Our clients love us because we treat their unique struggles like they're our own. Find out how our AP Automation solution can immediately address your pain points by reading their stories below.

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At OnPay Solutions, our mission is to help to improve the lives of finance professionals globally by eliminating paper-based processes from AP departments, freeing up valuable time & resources. Our mission is more critical now than ever, as businesses around the world shift to remote working environments. We are an AP solutions provider, and we're here to help. 


"Big Help for Our Team"

We were lucky to implement this program before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Prior to this, we were cutting manual checks and had to be in the office. This software allows us to be completely remote and still get payments out in a safe secure manner. The uploads are easy, and the setup with the team was pretty straight forward. I also liked how they called to help setup people on credit cards for us, we did not have to go do the legwork for that. I also appreciate the two-tiered security, so one person can upload the file, the next can approve the actual payments. The cost is great and we feel we get a great value for the product. The credit card refund we get pays for the service and then some, so we actually make money using the product. - Steven Morrison, Controller | Connor Sport Court International

Likelihood to Recommend: 10/10


"OnPay Solutions Is a Great Fit"

We have used OnPay Solutions for the past three years to issue ePayments. We started on their installed software and upgraded recently to their Cloud product. We use OnPay Solutions to send ACH payments and Virtual Card payments to our suppliers and vendors. The solution has been a perfect bolt-on to our General Dynamics and connects us with our existing bank accounts. OnPay Solutions even recently migrated our ACH disbursements from our old bank to our new bank.The OnPay Solutions technical team is always quick to respond and we are never left hanging when we open tickets. That's just another reason why we use this solution. We have no complaints about working with OnPay Solutions. We would recommend them to anyone seeking a solution for electronic payments. - David Sheffield, CFO | Coastal Construction Products

Likelihood to Recommend: 9/10

Download Our Free AP Automation Case Study Connor Sports AP & AR Automation Case Study

Discover how we partnered with AR Automation leader, Esker, to transform payments and invoices for Connor Sports International's AP & AR Departments.



"OnPay is Very Helpful and Reliable"

The easiest way to transmit batch for virtual cards and the report we get. Also, it is easy to reprint checks. - Manish Shah, Senior Accountant | Cape Environmental Management Inc.

Likelihood to Recommend: 9/10


"Easy to Use and Great Customer Service!"

The dashboard provides a great way to navigate the site in a 1-2-3 step format for new users. As you grow more comfortable with the software, you're able to use the menus on the left side of the screen to choose any step in the process as needed. - Trudi O'Neal, Finance Administrator | Brand Muscle

Likelihood to Recommend: 10/10

Very Good Payment Software

"We have been using this software for 20 years to issue accounts payable and payroll checks. About 1 year ago we added the virtual card payment feature which allows us to make accounts payable payments via single-use credit card numbers. We export the payment information from our ERP system and import it into OnPay Solutions. We have it configured to required 2 people to enter user names and passwords before a payment can be generated. Overall the software works well. The customer support is very good and the response time is usually very quick."

Kirk Klinect Group Manager - Information Systems | The Hubbard Group Inc


"Secure Pay Check Printing"

OnPay Solutions is a flexible, easy to use product that allows printing of our payroll checks. We are able to use text files as a data source and the ability to easily re-print checks is one of the best features. We have used this product for years and the support staff is terrific. Overall an excellent experience with OnPay. - Matthew Knudsen, Director IT Applications | Sheppard Pratt Health System

Likelihood to Recommend: 9/10

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"Much better. A huge difference over the previous software we used. Easier to use. Less steps."

Easier to use. We don't have to use another program to send files. It can all be done through this. Faster and less errors. - Raoul Richards, Accounts Payable Specialist | HealthPlan Services Inc.

Likelihood to Recommend: 10/10

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Easy to use and helpful to look for reports! - Carla Hillabrand, Payroll Admin | City of Fostoria

Likelihood to Recommend: 10/10

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"The portion of the software we use is very basic, but its simplicity is nice!"

Simple to use and onboard new Accounts Payable employees to train and use the software. Lower cost than other alternatives too. It makes it easy for us to pay vendors by credit card. It is efficient and simple to use to we get time savings over cutting checks too. - Christy Smith, ERP Systems Administrator | Vincit

Likelihood to Recommend: 8/10

Really love the prompt customer service.

"The customer service is always prompt. The software is user friendly and easy to understand. I like the reporting tools available"

Bridget Clark Accounting Manager | Emergent Capital



"Good Value"

Being able to update records and make changes to signature files makes this a very easy software program to maintain. Very customer conscientious and helpful when issues do arise. - Edith Buffington, Manager of Financial Operations | Pasco-Hernando State College

Likelihood to Recommend: 10/10

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