Accounts Receivable Managers

OnPay Solutions surpasses all offers in existence today by proposing a 100%-web enabled experience, from account creation to the download of exhaustive remittance reports. Our clear, transparent and comprehensive, 4-tier pricing structure based on the volume of remittance lines allows users to create an account and start using our invoice clearing automation platform within minutes.

You can only go that far with your bank’s elockbox, which solely handles CK and CTX-related remittance. OnPay Solutions automates all those paid invoice receipts you receive via email. No more rekeying, no more time wasted. And have we already mentioned that there is no setup and maintenance fees? And the first 30 days are free!

With OnPay Solutions:

  • Register your company to receive ePayments, then access all of your e-Remittance on our cloud-based platform in an organized, searchable and, yes, even downloadable format to fully clear off all paid invoices without searching and rekeying
  • Consolidate information, which in turn makes it easier to find later, reduces duplication, and eliminates errors
  • Improve collections at reduced costs
  • Incorporating digitized invoice features to eliminate major process bottlenecking and inefficiencies
  • Shift to automation and away from paper helps organizations contain costs, optimize cash flow, and mitigate risk
  • Eliminate the biggest hurdle to productivity that A/R processes face, which is complexity with too many disparate financial systems, too little standardization, and too many manual steps
  • Access our platform in the cloud through any web-related device.


"All invoice-related data is
accessed through the cloud.
No more remittance emails
circulating here and there."
Deutsche Bank
Dallas cowboys
Mckenzie Tank Lines
Tallgrass Development
Michels Corporation