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Vendor Management & ePayments Enrollment Vendor Management & Accounts Receivable Automation

Our vendor dashboard allows vendors / suppliers to log in to the portal at any time and update payment information, track payment status, search for payments by invoice and download valuable remittance data.

Receive Payments with Less Headache

Your payment data, whenever you need it Enroll in ePayments with Detailed Reporting

Our vendor dashboard and ePayments enrollment allows you (as a payee) or your vendors (as a payor) to enroll in the preferred payment method, then clear invoices and apply CASH all in one system quickly and easily.  

  • Powerful Processing Our AR solution provides you with the power to securely manage payments and view the full transaction lifecycle for incoming funds.
  • Faster Funds Moving away from paper checks to electronic payments significantly speeds up payment processing, giving AR departments faster access to cash.
  • Detailed Data Gain access to critical data the minute you need it with the ability to quickly search for payment details dating back 15 months.
  • AR Anywhere Transform your computer, tablet or smartphone into the ultimate AR tool, with 24-7 access to the vendor portal on any device.

Access Cash More Quickly & Securely with vCards.

Take advantage of the fastest growing payment method in the B2B landscape.

More about Virtual Cards

Easy access to vital remittance data AR Automation Streamlines Payment Processing

  • We work to understand your business from day one
  • We provide a personalized customer service experience
  • Our award-winning customer support team is always here to help
  • Seamless integration with easy implementation
  • Immediate access to working capital
  • 24/7 access to payment status & information

Streamline and Improve AR Processes Gain Secure & Instant Access to Cash

  • Connect bank account deposits to invoices at no expense
  • Receivables cleared quickly, easily & without manual entry
  • Online portal organizes all incoming payment information
  • Secure document trail for SOX & internal audit compliance
  • Staff free to focus on strategic financial reporting
  • All ePayments remittance organized & downloadable

AP and AR processes made easy Vendor Dashboard and Management Portal Simplified

Our portal allows you (as a payee) or your vendors (as a payor)  to log in and select the payment method they prefer without unnecessary fees commonly associated with faster payment methods.

After vendor enrollment, there is the added benefit of enabling 24/7 access to our OnPayConnectAR+ option, which grants the ability to sort payment details by invoice, view and download remittance data dating back to 15 months, and insights into detailed reporting and analytics by payor.

We consistently uphold the highest security standards to ensure all payment and contact data is safe and secure. 

Give your vendors the ability to unlock electronic payments, freeing them from inefficient paper checks and granting them access to faster payments with valuable remittance information.

Easy enrollment and access to vital data Vendor Dashboard Features and Benefits List

  • Automatic emails with lines of remittance data
  • Ability to search for payments by invoice number
  • Tracking on Tax IDs and assigned vendor numbers
  • Access to easily update payment and contact details
  • Quick and efficient card processing portal - one-stop-shop
  • Cutting-edge reporting and analytics by payor and payment type
  • Network of payors and payees to track valuable information across relationships
  • Option for a white-labeled vendor portal with your logo and brand guidelines applied
  • Self-service with easy access to our incredible vendor support team via email, phone and chat
  • Payment tracking to determine what has been approved for payment versus what has been received