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Flexible Automated AP Payments Software B2B Payment Automation Software

Digitally transform paper checks and manual processes with AP payables automation. Make "No Touch" payments with the click of a button while cutting costs & generating revenue. 

Cloud-based payment automation solution Switch to paperless payments without outsourcing.

Save countless hours spent on manual tasks & improve productivity by eliminating paper from your AP department, without ever losing control of funds. Make No Touch Payments - at any time from anywhere using OnPay Connect.

  • Lower costs by 80%
  • No software expenditure
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase productivity by 90%
  • AP solution generates revenue
  • Increase security by 85%

Save over $10 dollars an invoice and $5 a payment

Why wait to automate AP?

We take care of all the onboarding and system set up to meet your company's needs. Fully onboard in less than 45 days.

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  • More Control Better visibility into cashflow with customized workflows and approval processes, with special permissions for users by role.
  • Easy Implementation Works with your existing ERP or Accounting System. Keep what you like about your current process, redefine the rest.
  • Better Vendor Relationships Our award-winning onboarding team helps your vendors log in to our cloud solution to select their preferred payment method and manage payments.

Turn Your AP Spend Into Profit.

Earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction you make through virtual cards.

More about Virtual Cards

Onboard to the platform in 30-45 days Payment Automation streamlines processes

  • Cash paid monthly from V-Card rebate program
  • Clear cash flow management & critical accounting processes
  • Easy onboarding for your suppliers/ vendors
  • Secure audit trail for tax and internal audit compliance
  • Staff free to focus on strategic needs w/ automated financial reporting
  • Paperless invoice processing and workflows with 24/7 remote access
  • Virtual Cards Turn your AP spend into profit and earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction with virtual cards.
  • Increased Security Automate AP payments to reduce costs, cut down on manual labor and increase security, with multiple (more secure) payment types.
  • Vendor Enrollment Our onboarding team makes vendor enrollment easy, so your finance department can focus on more important things & we don't force payment types.
  • Customized Workflow We build our process around your individual business needs and integrate with any ERP or Accounting System.

Streamline and improve AP processes The perfect Payables Automation solution

  • Electronic payments reduce costs for your A/P department
  • ePayments = More control and greater security
  • Make payments more quickly on vCards, ACH & even wire
  • Monthly rebates on AP spend = new revenue stream
  • Faster payments improve vendor/supplier relationships
  • Eliminates errors in payment processing

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