Accounts Payable Managers

There is no reason why A/P managers have to continue wrestling with disparate and non-automated payment processing. It is no longer necessary either to continue coping with the high resource costs of traditional paper-based and post office-dependent check payment methods.

With OnPay Solutions:

  • Control every step of your accounts payable process. Automate your A/P payments process fully based on your standard process workflow rules, or select anything in between
  • Multiple ePayables options to invite your payees to be paid faster and more efficiently. Save money in the process and please your payees at the same time
  • Stop paying $3.50-$5.00 per paper check. If you require checks, we only charge $1.00 per check
  • We have you covered if there are multiple bank accounts for different departments or divisions in your company. Our solutions can indeed be configured to store and manage your multiple banking relationships and bank account information. In short: we set it and you can forget it!
  • Emailed payment notices and payee remittance portal allow you to do two things. First, email your payees the day they get paid. And second, if they have questions, direct payees to our remittance portal solution for the details on each of their payments. Your call center will be delighted you did
  • Turn Accounts Payable into a revenue-generating department, thanks to our cash rebate program!  
"No more wrestling with
disparate and non-automated
payment processing."
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