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Invoice Automation Reduces Approval Time Automate Invoice Processing & Enable Remote AP

Transform invoices/ eInvoices into a digital workflow with a 99% accuracy rating & eliminate double work, mundane tasks & errors caused by manual keying.

  • Invoices Approved
  • Accuracy Rating
  • Increase Security

Fully Automated Invoice Approval Process Approve invoices with the click of a button.

Invoice processing automation solution 4 levels of recognition eliminates errors.

Most invoice automation & eInvoicing software utilizes 3-way matching with only one OCR Engine, which leads to inaccuracies and double-work; you deserve a solution that fully automates your process.

  • 2 OCR Engines We utilize 2 different OCR Engines, increasing accuracy and approval time by over 90%.
  • Robotic Processing Our invoice processing software classifies certain invoices by high volume generators, zoning in on important line items and fields.
  • Cognitive Automation Our API identifies certain keywords and important symbols/ shapes to ensure that the invoice is accurate, not fraudulent or missing information.
  • Human Eyes Our internal team thoroughly reviews the invoices before sending them to the workflow platform.

Turn Your AP Spend Into Profit.

Earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction you make through virtual cards.

More about Virtual Cards

Onboard to the platform in 30-45 days Life with a completely automated invoice workflow.

  • Invoices aggregated by our team so your team can focus on approvals
  • Emailed & Mailed invoices are scanned with 99% accuracy
  • Invoices are automatically pushed into your customized workflow
  • Invoices are routed to the correct individuals for approval
  • Approvers are notified they have invoices that need approval
  • Access invoice approval status information from anywhere with a connection

Streamline and improve invoice processes Reduce your risk of fraud.

  • Real-time duplicate invoice alerts
  • Auto-flagged fluctuations in vendor payment information
  • Notifications for extreme variations in amounts
  • Alerts for sudden increase in invoice/ eInvoice volume
  • Warnings for invoiced amounts close to approval thresholds
  • 85% reduction in risk of successful invoice fraud attack

Get Your Free Accounts Payable eBook Invoice & Payments Transformation

Are you ready to discover how automating invoices and payments can affect your Accounts Payable (AP) department? Download our free ebook to find out how much you could save in costs and generate in revenue.


Say goodbye to stacks of paper Free yourself from
lost or missing invoices.

Invoicing & eInvoicing made easy Gain ultimate control over incoming invoices.

A/P can now be free from incoming paper invoices! It has never been easier to transform paper invoices to a digital workflow customized specifically for you and your payment needs. Invoice automation technology gives you better control of your own department AND complete invoice & eInvoice automation with the benefit of payment automation!

  • Lower costs by 80%
  • No software expenditure
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase accuracy by 99%
  • AP solution generates revenue
  • Increase security by 85%

Save over $10 dollars an invoice and $5 a payment

Why wait to automate AP?

We take care of all the onboarding and system set up to meet your company's needs. Fully onboard in less than 45 days.

Get started today
  • More Control Better visibility into cashflow with customized workflows and approval processes, with special permissions for users by role.
  • Easy Implementation Works with your existing ERP or Accounting System. Keep what you like about your current process, redefine the rest.
  • Better Vendor Relationships Our award-winning onboarding team helps your vendors log in to our cloud solution to select their preferred payment method and manage payments.