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Earn Rebates on AP Spend Cut costs &
streamline AP with Automation.

Transform invoices to a digital workflow and send payments directly to suppliers and vendors from your own bank, eliminating paper and generating revenue.

  • Dollars Processed
    $ B
  • Vendor Network of
  • Rebates Paid
    $ M

Fully Automate Your A/P Processes Make payments with less headache.

Increased Profits and Better Security Transition to paperless AP
without outsourcing.

We believe that your relationships and current processes are important, that's why our accounts payable software is bank independent and we never take control of your funds.

  • Virtual Cards Turn your AP spend into profit and earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction.
  • Invoice Automation Automate invoices to reduce costs, cut down on manual labor, and increase security.
  • Vendor Enrollment Our on-boarding team makes vendor enrollment easy, so your finance department can focus on more important things.
  • Customized Workflow We build our process around your individual business needs and integrate with any ERP or Accounting System.

Turn Your AP Spend Into Profit.

Earn cashback on monthly spend for every transaction you make through virtual cards.

More about Virtual Cards

Enable Remote AP in Less than 30 Days Completely paperless accounts payable.

  • Eliminate slow, hard to keep up with paper-based systems
  • Say goodbye to manual processes soaking up time & resources
  • Never worry about lost invoices and payments again
  • No more 12 hours days going through stacks of never-ending paper
  • Trade expensive paper checks for more cost-efficient ePayments
  • Gain ultimate control over funds with real-time payment notifications

Streamline and improve AP processes The perfect accounts payable solution.

  • 4 level recognition invoice automation with 99% accuracy
  • Increase protection against fraud by 85%
  • Access payments portal 24/7 from anywhere with internet
  • Integrates seamlessly with ANY ERP or Accounting system
  • Improve vendor/supplier relationships with faster payments
  • Complete tracking for every step of the payments process

Get your free Accounts Payable best practices eBook Invoice and Payments Transformation

Are you curious about the impact that invoice and payment automation can have on your AP department? Download our eBook to see how much you could be saving in costs and generating in revenue by automating AP processes.


Integrates with ANY ERP/ System Be free from incoming paper invoices.

Quick Setup in Days, Not Months Completely paperless accounts payable.

A/P can now be free from incoming paper invoices! It has never been easier to transform paper invoices to a digital workflow customized specifically for you and your payment needs. You can get better control of your own department AND have complete invoice & eInvoice automation with the benefit of payment automation!

  • Lower costs by 80%
  • No software expenditure
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Increase accuracy by 99%
  • AP solution generates revenue
  • Increase security by 85%

Save over $10 dollars an invoice and $5 a payment

AP Automation Simplified

We take care of all the onboarding and system set up to meet your company's needs. Fully onboard in less than 45 days.

Get started today
  • More Control Better visibility into cashflow with customized workflows and approval processes, with special permissions for users by role.
  • Easy Implementation Works with your existing ERP or Accounting System. Keep what you like about your current process, redefine the rest.
  • Better Vendor Relationships Our award-winning onboarding team helps your vendors log in to our cloud solution to select their preferred payment method and manage payments.