About OnPay Solutions

Listed by CIO Review as part of the 20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech companies for 2017, OnPay Solutions automates accounts payable and accounts receivable payments in the cloud, so your organization can make and receive payments quickly, securely, and at a low cost...while earning cash back!

We currently provide our solutions and services to companies ranging from $50 million in annual revenue to some of the largest conglomerate organizations.

To your organization, the OnPay Solutions bank-level secure platform means:


  1. Cut expenses due to manual processes and inherent assets
  2. Bypass a lengthy process by automating and streamlining your accounts payable payments 
  3. Pay $1.00 per check, not at least $3.30-$5.00 per check any longer
  4. Access modern and rebates-generating means of ePayments


  1. So much more efficient than mailing a check
  2. Scalable. Any volume of transactions welcome
  3. We work with all financial packages, from Mainframe to SAP and anything in between
  4. It’s in the Cloud. So use with any web-enabled device


  1. Match your vendor lists with our list of vendors to optimize method of payment and potentially earn cash back rebates
  2. We streamline all operations from your A/P to your client’s A/R and everything else in between
  3. We’re 100% agnostic to payment type, your financial system, and your bank
  4. We do not manage your money nor your payments

We specialize in the following verticals:

Agricultural ● Commercial Construction ● Civil Engineering ● Food & Beverages ● Food Production ●  Health, Wellness & Fitness ● Internet ● Law Practices ● Legal Services ● Medical Devices ● Medical Practices ● Restaurants ● Oil & Energy ● Pharmaceuticals ● Religious Institutions ● Retail & Supermarkets ● Utilities ● Wine & Spirits ● Wireless


Deutsche Bank
Dallas cowboys
Mckenzie Tank Lines
Tallgrass Development
Michels Corporation