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Eliminate paper. Transform paper invoices and payments into digital ones.  

Automate accounts payable and / or accounts receivable without losing control of your cash.
Process invoices, then make and receive payments quickly, securely, and at low cost.  

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OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation  Streamline incoming invoices & accounts payable and supplier payments by sending digital disbursements out of any A/P system.
  • Immediate ROI. 
  • Vendor-onboarding allows you to securely transition checks payments to ACH, MasterCard Virtual Card, or wire. 
  • Remaining checks may be printed at our print & mail facility to completely eliminate paper from your payment process.  
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation  Automated A/R processing to process your virtual card payments, then clear invoices and apply CASH all in one system quickly and easily.  
  • Connect your bank account deposits to your invoices without a huge capital expense and project. 
  • Clear receivables to be cleared quickly, easily and without hand-keying and matching.
  • Select your plan and APPLY CASH more quickly!
OnPay Solutions - Payment Partners

Strategic Partnership

Payment Partnership   Partner with OnPay Solutions to add a accounts payable invoice and payment automation platform and receivables automation to your existing SAAS system.
  • You handle your business, our system will handle the payments. 
  • Together, let's leverage our systems to allow your clients to digitize their invoices and payments.
  • Partner with a first-class partner that boasts a 100% client satisfaction rating!  

Efficiency for your financial operations.

Here is how key players in your organization will benefit

OnPay Solutions - CFOs and Controller Solutions

CFOs & Controllers

  • No Capital Expense.
  • Fully compliant.
  • Internal controls / financial reporting to reduce fraud risk 
  • Rebate program turns Accounts Payable into a cash generating operation with monthly-recurring revenue.
  • Accounts Receivable system provides faster access to cash. 
OnPay Solutions - CIO and IT Executive Solutions

CIOs & IT Executives

  • Security - Security - Security.
  • Cloud-based solution that integrates into any financial package from Mainframe or home-grown to SAP or QuickBooks.
  • We maintain the system...but your A/P team has control.  
  • Bank-level security preserves integrity of your data.  
  • No programming required.  
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Manager Solutions

A/P Manager

  • Control, flexibilty & security. 
  • Increase your Accounts Payable department's efficiency & productivity.
  • Say goodbye to paper invoices & checks & disparate, manual processes.
  • Focus on what you do best: manage accounts payable.
  • Turn A/P department from a cost center into a profit center. 
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Manager Solutions

A/R Managers

  • Process incoming V-Card payments
  • Clear Cash FAST.
  • Clear Invoices FAST.
  • Simplify clearing electronic deposits.
  • Reduce DSO.
  • Eliminate tedious tasks & human error.
  • Online portal organizes all incoming payment information.