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Eliminate paper. Digitize paper invoices and pay your vendors electronically.  

Automate accounts payable and / or accounts receivable without losing control of your cash.
Process invoices, then make and receive payments quickly, securely, and at low cost.  

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OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation  Streamline incoming invoices & accounts payable and supplier payments by sending digital disbursements out of any A/P system.
  • Immediate ROI. 
  • Vendor-onboarding allows you to securely transition checks payments to ACH, MasterCard Virtual Card, or wire. 
  • Remaining checks may be printed at our print & mail facility to completely eliminate paper from your payment process.  
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation  Automated A/R processing to process your virtual card payments, then clear invoices and apply CASH all in one system quickly and easily.  
  • Connect your bank account deposits to your invoices without a huge capital expense and project. 
  • Clear receivables to be cleared quickly, easily and without hand-keying and matching.
  • Select your plan and APPLY CASH more quickly!
OnPay Solutions - Payment Partners

Strategic Partnership

Payment Partnership   Partner with OnPay Solutions to add a accounts payable invoice and payment automation platform and receivables automation to your existing SAAS system.
  • You handle your business, our system will handle the payments. 
  • Together, let's leverage our systems to allow your clients to digitize their invoices and payments.
  • Partner with a first-class partner that boasts a 100% client satisfaction rating!  

OnPay Solutions maximizes the efficiency of your operations.

Serving many industries, thanks to our flexible, scalable platform that integrates to any accounting and financial system already in place.

Efficiency for your financial operations.

Here is how key players in your organization will benefit

OnPay Solutions - CFOs and Controller Solutions

CFOs & Controllers

  • No Capital Expense.
  • Fully compliant.
  • Internal controls / financial reporting to reduce fraud risk 
  • Rebate program turns Accounts Payable into a cash generating operation with monthly-recurring revenue.
  • Accounts Receivable system provides faster access to cash. 
OnPay Solutions - CIO and IT Executive Solutions

CIOs & IT Executives

  • Security - Security - Security.
  • Cloud-based solution that integrates into any financial package from Mainframe or home-grown to SAP or QuickBooks.
  • We maintain the system...but your A/P team has control.  
  • Bank-level security preserves integrity of your data.  
  • No programming required.  
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Manager Solutions

A/P Manager

  • Control, flexibility & security. 
  • Increase your Accounts Payable department's efficiency & productivity.
  • Say goodbye to paper invoices & checks & disparate, manual processes.
  • Focus on what you do best: manage accounts payable.
  • Turn A/P department from a cost center into a profit center. 
OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Manager Solutions

A/R Managers

  • Process incoming V-Card payments
  • Clear Cash FAST.
  • Clear Invoices FAST.
  • Simplify clearing electronic deposits.
  • Reduce DSO.
  • Eliminate tedious tasks & human error.
  • Online portal organizes all incoming payment information. 

What Our Clients Say

Finance Manager

Every AP department is an untapped profit center

"We have enjoyed high security and streamlined processes for issuing checks for the past years and our city’s older accounting system is not capable of issuing another type of payment, but despite the system limitations, we as a city wanted to explore additional ways to reduce our costs. We elected the solution from OnPay Solutions that will actually help us turn our AP department into a profit center."


Invaluable tech support

"When the CFO suggested we eliminate OnPay Solutions and use our ERP to make payments, I told him I would rather quit my job than use that for payments because if ever a tech support need arises, which isn’t very often, but it does happen from time to time, I can always reach someone at OnPay. They always get my problem solved right away."


Lower costs, higher revenue without sacrificing service

"As we explored ways to reduce costs and drive revenue, we were challenged by our older, proprietary financial application. We needed help getting data out of our system to make ePayments. OnPay Solutions was able to offer a tool that sits on top of our program and delivers the connection we needed. Conservatively I estimate the solution value to be about $150,000 annually, and we are working to grow that."