The Four Downs to Becoming a Perfect Payer

Fri, Jan 30, 2015 @ 02:02 PM


OnPay Solutions would like to wish our customers who are football fans the best of luck for your favorite Super Bowl XLIX (49) team. To win this game you have to be able to score. Along similar lines, OnPay Solutions wants your organization to score and win as well. 

When it comes to making payments OnPay wants you to be a winner and become a Perfect Payer. But first, in order to win you have to be able to score.  

What is a Perfect Payer? A Perfect Payer simply describes a payer who makes on-time payments using the least expensive payment channel and takes full advantage of available payment incentives.

Maybe this already describes your organization; but if not, there are four steps you can take to becoming a Perfect Payer. We're calling these steps "The Four Downs" to becoming a Perfect Payer.


FIRST DOWN: Review the payment process for re-design and streaming opportunities. 



SECOND DOWN: Automate what can be automated. Enable seamless payment automation and work flow for timely payments.


THIRD DOWN:  Encourage vendor enrollment for less expensive  e-payment channels. 



FOURTH DOWN: Take advantage of available rebate incentives by paying vendors with a virtual card (v-card) account. 




OnPay Solutions' goal is to enable Perfect Payers by providing relevant solutions for reducing the expense associated with making payments. There has never been a better time to score a TOUCHDOWN by taking advantage of available savings and virtual card account rebate programs.



Choose your position on the team - then see how our OnPay Solutions' Playbook can help you.

Accounts Payable (AP) Supervisor

Controller & CFO

IT Manager & CTO/CIO

Payment process controls

Built-In system audit records

Turnkey streamlined integration

ePayables enabled (V-card, ACH, WT)

Integrated transaction reporting

AD  integration option

Paper checks (local or off-site)

Roll-based user permissions

Embedded secure FTP

Emailed payee remittance notices

Low-cost ACH and WT channels

Requires minimal IT engagement

Detailed V-card reconciliation

V-Card spend rebate program

Multiple hosting options

Payee portal for remittance detail

Online enrollment for ePayables

Microsoft based platform


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