Payment Automation by ACH or EFT

  • Issue Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via Automated Clearing House (ACH) in a most secure and controlled environment. 
    • No need to log into a bank or other website to transmit payments.
  • Maintain 100% control of ACH issuance and create payments that are NACHA compliant.  
  • Be "bank neutral."
  • With hierarchical password controls to access the application, separation of duties is genuinely achievable. Administrators may set up users to:
    • Set-up ACH / EFT payments
    • Approve all or high-dollar ACH / EFT payments
    • Release ACH /EFT payments
    • Run reports
    • A combination of any or all as required 
  • Users may be configured to access all subsidiary companies within the system or be limited to certain companies or business units.
  • All use is strictly monitored to ensure the highest degree of security.
  • Set-up to include all divisions or operating companies within your organization and transmit to as many financial institutions as you may be working with.
    • In each case, once the system is configured, payments are processed quickly and easily.
  • Remittance advice with a secure link to payment remittance details ideal for those vendors being paid on hundreds of invoices in one payment is automatically sent via email to the vendors 
  • A detailed audit trail is available via the application's reporting system.

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