Payment Automation and Check Payments

  • Issue check runs.
  • Print on-demand checks or hand checks.
  • Reprint or archive PDFs of checks in a secure environment. 
  • Set up all check runs to include a transmission of Positive Pay directly to your bank or banks
    • Ensuring the highest degree of check processing security.

Highly Secure

With hierarchical password controls to access the software, true separation of duties can be achieved. Administrators may set up users to: 

  • Set-up check payments
  • Approve check payments
  • Issue check payments
  • Run check payment reports

Users may be configured to access all companies within the system or be limited in their scope of work. All use of the software is strictly monitored to ensure the highest degree of security. Also detailed audit trail is available via the software’s reporting system.

Secure and Efficient

You may print checks in-house on any number of bank accounts from any number of banks using a desktop laser printer with MICR Toner on BLANK check stock, mitigating a company’s check fraud risk and simplifying the payables process.

- OR -

You may select off-site print & mail of checks to maintain control of payment process yet reduce the cost, the administrative hassles and time involved.  Off-site check printing substantially reduces the cost of printing checks by taking advantage of higher-speed printers, aggregated print volumes and discounted postage.  

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