CFOs and Controllers

Acounts Payable and Accounts Receivable payments automation, accounting system integration and ePayments options are necessary to remain competitive in the overall business landscape. OnPay Solutions even provides you with the ability to turn your finance department into a new contributor to the MRR at your company.

With OnPay Solutions:

  • No more guessing and stressing, thanks to our built-in audit records that inform you about who did what and exactly when they did it. In other words, OnPay Solutions helps you remain SOX compliant
  • Integrated reporting that provides you a real-time dashboard summary of highly detailed information about what just happened and everything before that
  • Roll-based user permissions that allows you to decide who can do what. And in cases where a payment dollar amount matters, you can also decide how much
  • Our virtual card acount spend rebate programs offer your business a unique opportunity to get paid when you pay bills. Opportunities for accounts payable departments to actually make money are mostly non-existent, which is why using a virtual card account to pay your bills can be very special to MRR
  • Online ePayables enrollment takes the expense and hassle out of inviting your payees to get paid electronically. Your staff can actually keep their day jobs, and not have to moonlight as telemarketers
  • Also allows you to enroll in ePayments program
  • We have you covered if there are multiple bank accounts for different departments or divisions in your company. Our solutions can indeed be configured to store and manage your multiple banking relationship and bank account information. In short: we set it and you can forget it! 

"Be fully SOX compliant, add a

revenue stream to your company

by earning cash rebates."

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