Accounts Receivable Automation

Get a 100%-web enabled experience without CAP-X or a months or years-long implementation project.  From account creation to enabling your download of line items contained in email remittance, everything is self-serve and works to transform receivables within any accounting or ERP System. The clear, transparent and comprehensive, 4-tier pricing structure based on your actual downloaded data allows you to create an account and start using our invoice clearing automation platform to release working capital within minutes.

You can only go so far with your bank’s lockbox, which solely handles Check and CTX-related remittance. OnPay Solutions automates all those paid invoice notifications you receive via email. No more rekeying, no more time wasted. And have we already mentioned that there is no setup and maintenance fees? And the first 30 days are free!

    • Clear CA$H and put it to work
    • Reduced days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Provide electronic payment registration portal 
    • Improved compliance
    • All ePayments remittance organized and downloadable
    • No setup fee
    • No maintenance fee


Deutsche Bank
Dallas cowboys
Mckenzie Tank Lines
Tallgrass Development
Michels Corporation