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Your payment automation and optimization begins with OnPay Solutions.

Automate and optimize accounts payable and accounts receivable in the cloud.
You make and receive payments quickly, safely, and at a low cost…all while earning cash rebates.

OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation...Automate, streamline and optimize your accounts payable invoice payments and processes and send digital disbursements out of any A/P system - despite system limitations. Bank-level security eliminates risks of fraud and data breach. You'll gain an immediate ROI. With our vendor onboarding and just a single payment file, you may securely automate all your payments by check, ACH, wire and virtual card. 

OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts Receivable Automation...Automated Accounts Receivable Processing to clear invoices and get access to your CASH. Use our A/R Lockbox, to connect all remittance advice with your bank deposits and your ERP system! It's click-and-play-intuitive and has a highly-secure user interface that far exceeds the ePayment receivables services that banks currently offer. Select your plan, and CLEAR CASH more quickly!

OnPay Solutions - Payment Partners

Strategic Partnership

Payment Partnership...Partner with OnPay Solutions to add a payment automation platform and receivables automation solution to your existing SAAS system. You handle your side, our system will handle the payments.  Together, let's leverage our respective systems to allow your clients to empower their payments. And, OnPay Solutions is a first-class partner and boasts a 100% client satisfaction rating!

OnPay Solutions maximizes the efficiency of your operations.

Thanks to our flexible, scalable platform that integrates with ANY accounting / ERP system, we can meet your business' needs without a heavy burden on your IT Department.

OnPay Solutions - CFOs and Controller Solutions

CFOs & Controllers

OnPay Solutions brings the CFO technology to ensure that you remain fully SOX compliant by automating internal controls and procedures for financial reporting to eliminate risk of corporate fraud. Our payment rebate program turns your A/P payments into a cash-inflow operation with a brand new monthly-recurring revenue stream. And our A/R system allows faster access to working capital.  ( P.S. All without a CapEx. ) 

OnPay Solutions - CIO and IT Executive Solutions

CIOs & IT Executives

Security - Security - Security. With OnPay Solutions, you can fully embrace a technology that offers bank-level data security protocols to secure the integrity of your data and payments. We won't require your team to program to meet our file specifications.  We offer a plug-and-play cloud-based solution that works with all financial packages, from Mainframe to home-grown and SAP to QuickBooks and everything in between.

OnPay Solutions - Accounts Payable Manager Solutions

A/P Manager

Our solutions increase your Accounts Payable department's efficiency and productivity. Once for all, say goodbye to paper checks and to disparate and non-automated payment processing. With OnPay Solutions, you can finally welcome control, flexibilty, security and focus on what you do best: manage accounts payable. Thanks to our cash rebate program, convert your A/P department from a cost center to a revenue generator.

OnPay Solutions - Accounts Receivable Manager Solutions

A/R Managers

Have you ever dreamed of a world, where payments made to you would be processed without the need to inquire about the status of a transaction? OnPay Solutions built this world for you. Our cutting-edge A/R Lockbox eliminates tedious tasks and critical human-related mistakes. Do you have multiple bank accounts? Perfect! You can access our remittance web portal solution and, at a glance, pinpoint what is going on.